Recommended modems


ActFax can be used with the following types of modems, ISDN boards and fax boards:

  • Fax modems that support fax class 1, 1.0, 2 or 2.0
  • ISDN boards that support the T.30 (Fax Group 3) protocol
  • Diva Server boards from Dialogic/Eicon
  • Fax boards from Brooktrout/Cantata
  • Fax boards from Intel/Dialogic (Cpi series)
  • RockForce boards from Mainpine
  • VoIP/FoIP (Voice over IP/Fax over IP)

Avoid low-cost modems

In general, we recommend to avoid using low-cost modems for faxing, since such modems are usually only tested for data and Internet connections and do not work very reliable in fax mode. Since a modem has do establish connections to hundrets of different fax machines, using low-cost modems often causes problems when connections to certain types of fax machines cannot be done.

We recommend the following modems, ISDN boards and fax boards to be used with ActFax:

Analog Modems

Analog Multi-Modem Boards

ISDN Modems and ISDN Boards

ISDN Router with LANCAPI

Intelligent Fax Boards

VoIP/FoIP (Voice over IP/Fax over IP)