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ActFax or ActiveFax?

ActFax oder ActiveFax?

Dialog window for print jobs sent to the ActiveFax printer does not appear

If there is no dialog window for the recipient displayed for print jobs sent to the ActiveFax printer, it is recommended to change the parameter Run each print job as a separate process in the menu File / Automatic Startup / Terminal Server on the fax client and then once log off from Windows. This typically happens on systems with Windows 10 / Windows 2016 or newer.

Take care that this parameter has been introduced with ActFax version 6.50; if you are currently using an older ActFax version, you should update to the latest ActFax version. More information about the update can be found in the Update area on our website.

Which ports need to be open to connect to ActFax through a firewall?

To connect to ActFax through a firewall, the ports 25017, 25018 and 25019 need to be open for TCP and UDP protocol.

Creating form letters with ActFax in Winword

Creating mail-merged documents with ActFax from Winword works quite the same way as printing such documents on a normal printer on paper. It is required to add data fields with the recipient information to the document in that case, to tell ActFax to which recipients the single documents should be sent to.

You need to use at least the data fields @F211 fax number@ (or @F212 email address@) and @F599@. The data field @F599@ is very important when sending mail-merged documents with Winword, since Winword creates a single huge print job with all recipients included. The data field @F599@ tells ActFax to split this huge print job, so you get a single fax job for each recipient. When using multi-page documents, it is important to add the data field @F599@ on the first page of the document.

An example for using data fields with a Winword document can also be found on the fax server in the file ActiveFax\Server\Sample.doc. A complete list with all available data fields can be found in the online help of the fax server.