ActFax is available through the download area as a free download in several languages. The software can already be tested extensively before buying, to ensure that all requirements are met. In a subsequent purchase, the software can be activated without having to reinstall, all your settings and data can be preserved that way.

All installation files are protected with a digital signature and a software publisher certificate to guarantee a highest level of security. The digital signature and the certificate are automatically verified by Windows after the download completed. Before official release, all software updates have to pass extensive test cycles in our labs for maximum hardware and software compatibility.

If you decide to purchase an ActFax license, existing test installations can be activated without reinstalling the software. All settings and data are kept that way, so you can continue with the data already stored on your fax server.

Download MSI Installation Package

To automatically distribute ActFax through Windows Group Policy Objects (GPO), the ActFax setup is also available as a MSI installation package. When using the MSI package, the automatic installation and uninstallation of ActFax can be done with minimal administration effort in environments with many workstations. The program components included in the MSI package are identical with the components included in the normal setup. When doing the ActFax installation through a Group Policy Object (GPO), the setup automatically installs the fax client component of ActFax.